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During initial consultations, an attorney will discuss your situation in detail, give you some preliminary opinions and lay out some of your legal options. We can also quote you a price to move forward with full representation.

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Please keep in mind that we are not your attorneys until the consultation. Therefore, please do not submit any confidential information. Before agreeing to provide you with the consultation we must run a check to see if we have any conflicts of interest.

  1. Complete and submit the form.
  2. Justin Mims will review your case details and determine if the Justin Mims Law Firm, LLC can offer you representation (you will receive a call if there are any questions).
  3. You will receive a call (video conferencing also available) from Justin Mims for a free consultation.


If I submit this form, do I owe any money?

No. Our initial consultations are free.

How long is my initial consultation?

30-45 minutes.

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